Herbal Ashwagandha the Anti Rheumatoid Arthritis Herbal Medicine

By Kyle J. Norton

Rheumatoid Arthritis, a type of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is a chronic disorder characterized by inflammation of the flexible (synovial) joints and tissues and organs in the body.
The disease affects more women than men and generally occurs after the ages of 50, causing the diminished quality of life of many elders.
Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are medical conditions mostly caused by work-related occupations and working environments, affecting patients’ muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves and developing over time. 
According to a community sample of 73 females and 32 males aged 85 and over who underwent a standardized examination at home, musculoskeletal pain was reported by 57% of those interviewed.

According to the statistics provided by the CDC, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) affects over 52 million adults in the US alone, including 294,000 children under age 18 with some form of arthritis or rheumatic conditions.

Rheumatoid arthritis was found to induce bone loss through elevating bone resorption without increasing bone formation.

A cross-sectional population-based study of 1042 patients with rheumatoid arthritis showed that RA patients had an increased risk of death from various causes.

Patient with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) often associates to valgus deformities of the feet and deformities of gait due to body function due to an effort to support the collapsing longitudinal arch of the foot. The kinematic and kinetic gait changes in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are the result of a significant reduction in joint motions, joint moments, such as decreased hip flexion-extension range, hip abduction, knee flexion-extension range,…

Long-term bone damage and the prolonged onset of the disease can induce deformities of hand and wrist and small peripheral joints (such as fingers and wrist) due to chronic inflammation.

The effects of muscle strength in patients with RA may contribute to the prevalence of functional limitations physically that can affect daily living and quality of life.

Furthermore, rheumatoid nodules, lump on the skin, closed to the joint have been found to affect the joints of patients with RA.

Moreover, morning stiffness, a marker of inflammatory activity that reflects functional disability and pain is a very common symptom of patients in the early stage of rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Motl RW and Dr. McAuley E. in the assessment of chronic diseases said, ” The rationale and the associated onset of chronic disease conditions that influence function, disability, and quality of life (QOL) are embedded in the “Graying of America””(29), including patients with RA.

Ashwagandha also is known as Withania somnifera is a nightshade plant in the genus of Withania, belonging to the family Solanaceae, native to the dry parts of India, North Africa, Middle East, and the Mediterranean.

The herbal medicine has been considered as Indian ginseng and used in Ayurvedic medicine over 3000 years to treat tumors and tubercular glands, carbuncles, memory loss, and ulcers and considered as anti-stress, cognition-facilitating, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging herbal medicine.

On finding a potent compound for the treatment of arthritis, researchers examined the effect of Cannabis sativa, Prunella vulgaris, and Withania somnifera) possess anti-inflammatory, and-rheumatic arthritis properties.

According to the tested analysis, the tested medical plants showed a significant effect on RA by targeting TNF-α through its anti-inflammatory activity.

More precisely, twenty unique molecules found in the medical plants including Withania somnifera were attributed to the utmost binding affinity, least binding energies associated with the interaction of receptor-ligand interactions of residues against RA.

Based on the findings, researchers said, ” the RA patients should use reported compounds for the prescription of RA by targeting TNF-α. This report is opening new dimensions for designing innovative therapeutic targets to cure RA.”.

Taken altogether, Ashwagandha may be considered a functional herb for the prevention and an adjunct therapy combined with the primary medicine for the treatment of RA, pending to the result of larger sample size and multicenter study

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