Lycopene Promotes Kidney Against Renal Disease

By Kyle J. Norton

Kidneys, a pair of the bean-shaped organ in the human body not only filters out blood but also balances the body fluids by eliminating them and removes them through urinary secretion.

Additionally, kidney accompanied by the liver and skin form also detox the toxins in the body.

Kidney disease is a medical condition associated with gradually reduced function of the kidney.

Renal protection is strategies that protect the kidney against injury or damage. In other words, renal protection is a process that maintains the function of the kidneys.

Depending on the severity of renal damage, patients may experience symptoms of decreased urine output, fluid retention, that lead to swelling in the legs, ankles or feet, fatigue, nausea, and physical weakness

In severe cases, patients may also have symptoms of shortness of breath, confusion, and irregular heartbeat.

The worse cases of kidney damage can lead to renal failure, a condition that induces wastes and toxins accumulated in the blood. In this stage, dialysis and kidney transplant are the only options.

Believe it or not, most cases of kidney disease are found in the late stage. In other words, kidney disease can only be diagnosed, if your kidneys have less than 10% functioning capacity.

Most patients at the advanced stage of chronic kidney damage may experience more severe symptoms of swelling in the hands and feet, back pain and urinating more or less than normal, accompanied by other health problem associated with weakened kidney function

However, at the end-stage CKD with the GFR <15 mL/min,  patients are considered very close to renal failure or renal failure.

Where eGFR is short for estimated glomerular filtration rate.

Lycopene is a phytochemical found in tomato in the class of carotenoid, a natural pigment with no vitamin A activity found abundantly in tomatoes and other red fruits and vegetables, such as red carrots, watermelons, and papayas,

Tomatoes provide about 80% of the lycopene in the world diet. In plants, lycopene protects the host against excessive photodamage and perform various functions in photosynthesis.

On finding a potent compound which processes kidney protective activity, researchers examined the effects of lycopene on kidney oxidative tissue damage.

According to the results in 2 pharmaceutical forms in methotrexate-induced kidney damage in rats, a single dose of methotrexate- showed a significant effect to induce severe functional and morphological alterations of kidneys observed by kidney cell skin peeling, tubular vacuolation, and focal necrosis.

Serum urea and creatinine increase associated with kidney damage and injury and reduced kidney tissue antioxidant enzymes were also found in the kidney in methotrexate-induced rats.

Application of both forms of lycopene concomitantly with methotrexate not only ameliorated changes in serum urea and creatinine and oxidative damage markers but also markedly reversed structural changes of kidney tissue.

In other words, lycopene protected the kidney tissue against oxidative stress-induced toxicity by increasing the levels of antioxidant enzymes produced by the host.

Interestingly, rats treated by lycopene in nanoliposome-encapsulated form showed a higher degree of recovery compared to those treated with free lycopene form.
Based on the findings, researchers wrote, “treatment with nanoliposome-encapsulated lycopene comparing to lycopene in the standard vehicle has an advantage as it more efficiently reduces methotrexate-induced kidney dysfunction”.

Taken altogether, lycopene found in tomato may be considered supplements for the prevention and treatment of kidney disease, pending on the confirmation of the larger sample size and multicenter human study.

Intake of lycopene in the form of supplement should be taken with extreme care to prevent overdose acute liver toxicity.
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