• The mid-day meal programme (MDMP) is also known as “school lunch programme”.
  • This programme has been in operation since 19961 through out the country.
  • The major objective of the programme is to attract more children for admission to schools and retain them so that literacy improvement of children could be brought about principles :-
  1. The meal should be supplement.
  2. The meal should be supply a least one third of the total energy requirement and half of the protein.
  3. The cost of the meal should be reasonably low.
  4. Available foods should be used.
  5. Cooking process should be easier.
  6. Menu should be frequently changed.
  • Mid-day meal scheme is also known as national programme of “Nutritional support to primary Education “.
  • It was launched on 15th august 1995 and revised in 2004.
  • Its objective being universalization  of primary education by increasing strength, retention and attendance  and simultaneously impacting on nutrition of students in primary classes.
  • The central assistance provided to states under the programme is by way of free supplies of food grain from nearest food corporation of india go down at the rate 100g per student per day.
  • Through this programme cooked midday meal with minimum 300 calories and 8-12g of protein content will be provided to all children in class 1 to 5th.    

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